Langevin Canyon

The best choice for family and friend !

From 6 years old


hike in

hike out


minimum age

The best choice for family and friends

  • Aquatic
  • Vertical
  • Water slides
  • Jumps
  • Hike in/out

The Langevin canyon is the perfect choice for family and friend ! It’s located in front of the famous Grand galet waterfall on the city of St Joseph in the sud sauvage.

This trip is a real introduction to the canyoning activity, in a tropical surrounding and a flourishing nature

You will find depending of the season, abseilsziplines, lots of jumps and some waterslides.

We will begin our day with a 5min walk to the Grand Galet waterfall.

Then we really starts with a 50m ziplines. But don’t worry because nothing is mandatory in Langevin ! If you’re not really sure about anything, we can always getting down on foot.

We will then get down the river, going into caves, under waterfalls and so on.

The climax in Langevin is a great waterslide-zipline of 40 meters

The hike out is barely 5min 

what you need

You will need to bring

  • a bathing suit to put under the wetsuit
  • sneakers that will go underwater
  • spare clothes
  • a towel
  • a bottle of water

De 1 à 4 pers : 65€
à partir de 5 pers : 60€

Le tarifs pour le canyon de langevin est de 65€ par personne.
Si vous êtes 5 participants ou plus le tarif passe alors à 60€ par personne

Le tarif comprend :

  • Un encadrement sécurisé par un moniteur diplômé d’état avec une assurance à jour
  • du matériel de sécurité vérifié régulièrement par nos soins
  • une combinaison Néoprène de 5mm d’épaisseur nettoyée après chaque utilisation
  • des photos HD que le moniteur vous remettra à la fin de l’activité
  • une collation pendant l’activité (thé, café, macatias)
Time and place

The meeting point is in front of the big blue and yellow 15 meters metal structure in Langevin. Just after the bridge on your left, when you reach the town

We meet at 9:30 am

Be carefull because the time and place of meet can change du to the weather conditions. In any case you will receive an email the day before to validate the tour.

English speaking guide

El guía habla español

Free snack
during the trip

Free HD pictures



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From 6 y/o


CiméO Nature in a nutshell 

  • Free HD pictures
  • Tea, coffee and regional snacks offer during the trip
  • Neoprene wetsuits cleansed after each trip

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