Grand Galet

The most amazing experience we have to offer !

min hike in

min hike out


Minimum age

  • Aquatic
  • Vertical
  • Water slides
  • Jumps
  • hike in/out


The Grand Galet Canyon, also known as Langevin Integral, is the ultimate adventure we offer. The main objective of this canyoning excursion is, of course, the descent of the Grand Galet waterfall (Langevin Cascade) by rappelling! It’s an impressive 85 meters tall.

We begin the day with a short 20-minute approach hike. We warm up with the first rappel, a 15-meter descent to get our legs ready. Then we arrive at the second rappel, which is 25 meters high.

Once we have completed these two rappels, we reach the top of the Grand Galet waterfall, where we take a short break for tea.

Afterward, we quickly get down to business, put on our wetsuits, and prepare for the 85-meter rappel-zipline. As we are attached to the zipline during the descent, you’ll be suspended in the air above the main basin of the Langevin River.

Once we reach the bottom and recover from the excitement, we continue with the second, calmer but highly entertaining part: the Langevin Canyon with its jumps, slides, caves, and zipline.

You need

You will need to bring

  • a bathing suit to put under the wetsuit
  • sneakers that will go underwater
  • spare clothes
  • a towel
  • a bottle of water
  • a sandwich


From 1 to 4 pers: 100€
From 5 pers : 95€

The price include :

  • A certified guide who will provide all the explanation and safety you will need
  • Safety gears that we take care of
  • A 5mm wetsuit that we clean after each use
  • HD pictures free of charge
  • Refreshment during the trip

Time and place

The meeting point is at the bakery “La Langevine” in Langevin. Just after the bridge on your left, when you reach the town

We meet at 7:30 am

Be carefull because the time and place of meet can change du to the weather conditions. In any case you will receive an email the day before to validate the tour.

English speaking guide

Refreshment during the trip

HD pictures free of charge

State certified instructor

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La cascade de grand galet à langevin, st joseph

Grand Galet

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CiméO Nature in a nutshell 

  • Free HD pictures
  • Tea, coffee and regional snacks offer during the trip
  • Neoprene wetsuits cleansed after each trip

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