West savanna

a 3 hours tour, in the St leu Savanna

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Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Blue or Red

We start from St Leu, beginning the half-day with a bit of uphill road thanks to the power of the electric motor.

As we enter the sugar cane fields, we progress steadily while enjoying the view of the Indian Ocean.

Upon reaching the top, and following your instructor’s advice, you’ll descend the sugar cane tracks at high speed.

In the second part of the descent, we enter the Savanna of St Leu. The trail narrows, allowing only one bike at a time. The sensation of speed will be truly exhilarating.

This half-day is suitable for those who want to have fun with friends or family while discovering electric mountain biking in Réunion, starting in the west.

Don’t forget sunscreen!

You need

– 1.5 liters of water
– Lightweight clothing
– Sunscreen!
– A small backpack
– One or two cereal bars


From 1 to 4 pers : 75€
5 pers and more : 70€

eMTB option : 10€


The rate includes:

– Supervision by a state-certified instructor with up-to-date insurance
– Safety equipment regularly checked by our team
– An electric-assist hybrid bike Moustache or equivalent, recent and in good condition
– High-definition photos that the instructor will provide at the end of the activity

Meeting point and time

We meet at 8am the snack “Le four à chaux” in St leu

English speaking guide

Free HD picture

State certified guide

All the eMTB trails

Le plus gros toboggans du canyon de Langevin

West coast trail

Explore the coastal trail from Saint-Leu to Souffleur, passing through Pointe au Sel. A coastal walk suitable for absolute beginners. Breathtaking views and discovery of Réunion Island's natural treasures.

Ages 10 and up.


Le plus gros toboggans du canyon de Langevin

West savanna

The perfect route for those seeking a half-day full of thrills starting from St Leu. An ascent through the sugar cane fields, followed by an exhilarating descent through the Savanna of St Leu.

🔵Ages 14 and up.


Le plus gros toboggans du canyon de Langevin

Étang Salé Forest

A customizable route where you can join us to explore the forest of Etang Salé, the chasm, and the vortex. Suitable for families and friends, if you're looking for a complete outing, this is the place!

🔵Ages 10 and up.


Le plus gros toboggans du canyon de Langevin

The Volcano

Discover the "Plaine de Sable", and reach with us the Piton de Bert, and be amazed by the majestic view of the Volcano

🔵Ages 14 and up.



Le plus gros toboggans du canyon de Langevin


The best trip for the family. Langevin is the perfect canyon for beginners with everything canyoning can offer : Ziplines, jumps, waterslides, caves and abseil.

From 7 y/o


La cascade de grand galet à langevin, st joseph

Grand Galet

Grand Galet is the most adventurous trip we offer. You are going to abseil the famous waterfall of Langevin river, 85m ! The choice of the adrenaline junkies !

From 16 y/o


Un beau rappel au canyoning de fleur jaune à Cilaos

Fleur jaune

Certainly the most iconic canyon in the island ! 7 abseils from 18m to 55m !

From 14 y/o


Un rappel arrosé dans le canyon de Bras Rouge à CIlaos

Bras rouge

One of the best canyon in Cilaos. Bras rouge offers jumps, slides, abseil and an beautiful landscape

from 12 y/o


Un rappel arrosé dans le canyon de Bras Rouge à CIlaos

Ti Cap

Only available after a heavy rain storm, this is the perfect place to be when all the other canyoning trip are not available

from 12 y/o


Un rappel arrosé dans le canyon de Bras Rouge à CIlaos

Bras rouge intégral

A longer version of Bras rouge, with more jumps, more abseils and foremost, more fun !

From 14 y/o